Ensure operating efficiency and reduce downtime.

TOTAL Mechanical provides planned maintenance contracts for facilities for every type of commercial building. Our services ensure that our customers’ plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and fire protection systems all operate at maximum efficiency, significantly reducing the likelihood of expensive emergency repairs. We warranty all repairs, parts, and labor completed during planned maintenance inspections for one year.


Planned maintenance offers multiple benefits:

  • It allows our customers to lock in rates to accurately budget their maintenance expenses.
  • It enables us to offer a lower hourly rate.
  • By assigning a primary technician to each account, we are able to build familiarity with our customers’ systems, which helps us deliver effective and cost-efficient service.
  • Planned maintenance customers benefit from 24-hour priority emergency service.


We provide:

  • Planned maintenance agreements
  • Equipment replacement & upgrades
  • Thorough documentation of services performed
  • 24/7 emergency service


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Case Studies

Bradley School of Technology & Trade

Bradley School of Technology & Trade

Job Name: Lynde and Harry Bradley School of Technology and Trade
Scope of Work: Design-Assist Mechanical Contractor responsible for HVAC installation
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205
General Contractor: Hunzinger Construction Company
Project hours: 37,000 hours
The following is a summary of HVAC equipment installed at this facility:
  • Baltimore Air Cooling Tower, 400 Ton Capacity
  • Two Carrier Centrifugal Chillers, 200 Ton Capacity each
  • Ten Carrier Air Handling Units, Located in Three Mechanical Rooms
  • One Rankin Custom Built Air Handling Unit
  • Five Carrier Heat Recovery Units
  • One Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Two Hundred Supply and Exhaust VAV Boxes
  • Twenty Four Exhaust Fans
  • One Leibert Computer Room Unit
  • One AAF Self-Contained Dust Collector, 2,300 ACFM @ 7.5 W.G. External Pressure
Project summary:
The Lynde and Harry Bradley School of Technology and Trade is a progressive facility designed to promote Milwaukee Public Schools’ science and technology high school curriculum. In October of 2002 faculty and students moved into the new facility; the new building has been designed to provide flexibility for future technologies and curriculum updates. A significant portion of the facility’s flexibility comes from the exposed ductwork system running through the technology labs, and the HVAC equipment supporting these areas.
As a design-assist construction partner TOTAL Mechanical of Wisconsin volunteered to take the lead role in the coordination for the Lynde and Harry Bradley School of Technology and Trade. The design-assist process helped to identify building questions and installation conflicts prior to work crews beginning installation, and before the project schedule was negatively impacted.
The Lynde and Harry Bradley School of Technology and Trade is a fully air conditioned facility, with process and domestic hot water generated using City of Milwaukee distributed high pressure steam.
TOTAL Mechanical’s responsibilities for this project included coordinating over $1,500,000 worth of owner purchased equipment, materials, and services in addition to the HVAC contract work. From start to finish over 37,000 hours of labor were invested in fabrication and installation.
St. Joseph Outpatient Center

St. Joseph Outpatient Center

Job Name: St. Joseph Outpatient Center
Scope of Work: Plan & Specification
Location: 201 N. Mayfair Rd., Wauwatosa, WI 53226
General Contractor: Hunzinger Construction Company
Project hours: Over 35,000 hours

The following is a summary of equipment installed at this facility:
  • Five (5) Mammoth Heating/Cooling Roof Top Units
  • One (1) York Air Handling Unit and Air Cooled Condensing Unit
  • Two (2) Leibert Equipment Room Cooling Units and Drycooler
  • Five (5) Patterson Kelley Process Hot Water Boilers
  • Three (3) Fulton Humidification and Sterilization Steam Boilers
  • 194 Price Variable Air Volume Boxes
  • 21 Power Roof Ventilators, Exhaust Fans & Ceiling Exhaust Fans
  • Rittling Convectors, Unit Heaters & Fin Tube
Project Summary:
St. Joseph’s Outpatient Center is a 210,000 square foot, state-of-the-art ambulatory care center.  The five-story building includes 60 office spaces for physicians along with a 5-story parking structure.  In addition, four acres of land have been purchased north of the building in anticipation of future expansion.
TOTAL Mechanical acted as the primary coordinator for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing throughout the entire duration of the project.  They successfully managed to stay on track with the challenging construction schedule.  The on-site project management staff coordinated all equipment and material deliveries to ensure that heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems were operating for the finishing trades.  TOTAL Mechanical also coordinated temperature control installation and had the entire building commissioned and owner training completed prior to owner occupancy.
TOTAL Mechanical installed 5.35 miles of piping, 700 valves, 3000 hangers, 20,000 pipe fittings and 170 tons of sheet metal ductwork.  The crew size peaked at 50 mechanics.  Cooperation among all involved resulted in the on-time completion for the ten month project.
The St. Joseph Outpatient Center is featured in the 2004 May issue of Wisconsin Builder as one of the Top 20 projects completed in Wisconsin for 2003.  Hunzinger Construction also received Midwest Construction Magazine’s Award for 2003 Project of the Year in the Health Care Category for this project!
GE Fitness Center

GE Fitness Center

Job Name: GE Fitness Center – Solar Water Heater
Scope of Work: Design-Build
Location: Pewaukee, WI

The following is a summary of equipment installed at this facility:

  • 16 Solar Skies SS-40 panels with a total area of 637.22 ft2
  • 2 260-gal storage tanks
  • HTP drain-back tank
  • Solar controls made by IMC Instruments
Project Summary:GE Healthcare is one of the most environmentally conscious employers in southeast Wisconsin. Through the “ecomagination” initiative, GE is actively pursuing innovative and profitable solutions to environmental problems. Since 2004, the program has resulted in a greater than 22% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, with the goal of a 25% decrease by 2015. GE has also reduced water usage by over 30% since 2006, surpassing the original goal of a 20% reduction by 2012.[1]

In order to reduce energy usage at their US headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin, GE Healthcare’s Global Facilities Manager, Mark Colannanni, initiated a program to augment the employee fitness center’s gas-fired water heaters with a solar hot water system. GE Healthcare’s Project Engineer, Chris Jurik, contracted with Jim Leuzinger of Pewaukee-based TOTAL Mechanical and Aaron Adler of Milwaukee-based Hot Water Products to design and install the system.

Engineers from TOTAL Mechanical designed the system and determined the best location for the solar panels, hot water piping, controls, and related equipment. Representatives from Hot Water Products assisted with the site evaluation, RetScreen software simulation, conceptual design, product procurement and delivery. Mike Westfahl, a Journeyman plumber from TOTAL Mechanical, then installed the system and filled it with Dowfrost, a propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid that contains food-grade corrosion inhibitors. The system was leak-tested, insulated, valve-tagged, and labeled prior to bringing it on-line.

The system consists of 16 Solar Skies SS-40 panels with a total area of 637.22 ft2, two 260-gal storage tanks, an HTP drain-back tank, and solar controls made by IMC Instruments. It is capable of generating up to 39 kilowatts of energy, which is equal to 116,100 BTU – enough to provide hot water to as many as three homes.


Key opportunities/challenges:

It may seem that a solar water heater would not be as effective in Wisconsin as it would be in a warmer, sunnier climate. However, Wisconsin has as many sunny days as southern Texas, and the efficiency of a solar water heater is not significantly affected by the ambient air temperature. GE’s solar array faces south, at an angle of 43 degrees from horizontal. This maximizes the amount of direct sunlight captured during the winter, when the sun is at its lowest in the sky. In the summer, the energy lost to indirect sun exposure is made up for by the longer periods of daylight.


Benefit to GE Healthcare:

The system is expected to contribute between 20% and 100% of the fitness center’s hot water, with an annual average of 48%. By reducing GE’s dependence on non-renewable energy, the system also insulates GE against rising fossil fuel costs. With an anticipated lifespan of at least 30 years, the system will ultimately save GE nearly $180,000. Over that period, it will have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 281 tons, which is the equivalent of 648 barrels of crude oil. In addition to the savings realized by reducing natural gas consumption, the solar hot water system also reduces the maintenance requirements of the existing natural gas water heaters. Since the solar system is able to reduce demand on the gas burners, the burners will require less frequent maintenance, and should last longer than if they were to continue as the only source of hot water for the facility.

U.S. Gypsum Mineral Wool Production Facility

U.S. Gypsum Mineral Wool Production Facility

Job Name: United States Gypsum Mineral Wool Production Facility
Scope of Work
:  Dust Collection Installation
:  Red Wing, Minnesota 
 Contractor:  TOTAL Mechanical of Wisconsin, Inc.
Project Hours: Over 12,000 Man Hours; Over 3,500 Sheet Metal and Project Management Hours

The following is a summary of equipment installed at this facility:
  • (4) 60,000 CFM Drum Filters
  • 1/4 inch Abrasive Resistant 400 Ductwork
Project summary:
United States Gypsum Company was incorporated in 1901 to become the first gypsum company with a national scope.  They are a subsidiary of USG Corporation which has numerous locations worldwide.  United States Gypsum Company partnered with TOTAL Mechanical of Wisconsin, Inc. to upgrade their equipment to conform with DNR standards and regulations.
Although TOTAL Mechanical and USG had a previous working relationship in Wisconsin, this Minnesota Mineral Wool Production Facility was the first out-of-state project for the two companies.  Projections called for a three week shutdown, but TOTAL Mechanical was able to pool its resources and propose a plan to complete the project in only eleven days.  This careful planning saved the company ten days of material storage and kept downtime at the plant to a minimum.
Safety was the number one priority of the project and a full time Safety Director was on site during all working hours.  Daily safety meetings were held to ensure proper lifting procedures and to review many additional safety issues for that days’ activities.
The project began with the demolition of USG’s existing four-story dust collection building.  Crews worked around the clock with over twenty-four people per shift.  The next phase of the project included 40, 100 and 265 ton cranes which were brought in on semis and took several days to assemble.  Over 12,000 manhours were spent on the project from start to finish including project management, sheet metal hours, set-up and clean-up.
TOTAL Mechanical overcame the challenge of time and saved money for USG in storage costs and plant shutdown time.  The USG Mineral Wool Production Facility Project was completed on schedule and TOTAL Mechanical hopes to complete many USG projects throughout the country in the future!